Upcycled Basket


These one-of-a-kind baskets are made from plastic strapping that has been discarded by hardware stores, publishers, department stores, and the like. The colours and weight vary depending on their use and vary from one collection visit to the next. (It is possible to recycle some strapping but much of it still ends up in the landfill.)

The baskets are woven randomly, resulting in organic and unique forms. Pieces of discarded hosing or cable casing are put on the handle for carrying comfort. Keep in mind that these baskets are made of used materials and so there are marks and scrapes on some pieces of strapping and/or handle coverings.

CARE: These baskets are very durable and can be scrubbed to clean as needed.


Blue plastic strapping with CPAP machine hose (never used) on the handle.

height 37cm/14½”  x  width 28cm/11”  x  depth 24cm/9½”


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Dimensions 28 × 24 × 37 cm