islet  /ˈīlət/ n.  a very small island; an alluring and ethereal entity known to spark creativity and 

imagination. [see also: cay, inch, skerry] 

Hand-knitted cotton encrusted with sand.

These are encrusted with sands from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

CARE: Islets are not waterproof but they do not break – I deliberately drop them all the time. They may shed some sand.

Islets shown starting left and going clockwise:

Thunder Cove (size B), Canoe Cove (size A), Basin Head (size A)

Two sizes available:

Size A:  height 3.5cm/1½ x diameter 6-7 cm/2½”

Size B:  height 4cm/1½  x diameter 7-8 cm/3”

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Additional information

Weight 0.034 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm

Size A, Size B

Sand Location

Thunder Cove, PEI, Canoe Cove, PEI, Basin Head, PEI